Fans’ reactions to BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo debut MV “Flower”.

Netizens had a mixed response to Jisoo’s solo debut.

Netizens reacted to BLACKPINK member Jisoo‘s “Flower.”

On March 31, YG Entertainment released BLACKPINK Jisoo’s long-awaited solo album (ME) and the album’s lead single, “Flower.”

Fans have been full of anticipation for the BLACKPINK member’s solo release, as up to this point, Jisoo had been the only member without a solo effort. YG Entertainment previously stoked flames of excitement when it announced that Jisoo’s music video for “Flower” would be the most expensive in it the label’s history.

Jisoo’s solo music video is being filmed overseas in utmost secrecy.

We have invested the largest production budget among all BLACKPINK videos, so please look forward to it.

— YG Entertainment

And boy, did they deliver.

The music video for “Flower” plays out in three cinematic chapters set against grandiose Hollywood backdrops that contrast sharply with the Asian influences in the song.

At this point, Jisoo’s wardrobe in the music video is in dire need of mentioning, as the K-Pop icon is decked out in all of Dior’s finest trimmings. The scenes in the music videos almost serve as separate vignettes for the luxury brand.

Korean netizens reacted to both the song and music video. While netizens almost unanimously praised the music video, some felt Jisoo’s performance in both song and music video was less than convincing.

  • “I like the song the more I listen to it, LOL. I feel like it would be played at a boutique store.”
  • “Has she always been a bad dancer? The song is good, and her voice matches it well.”
  • “The song is good, but (Jisoo) is so bad at singing… I feel she has weak vocals.”
  • “But she’s so pretty.”
  • “Personally, I feel she could have done better in the scene in which she dances while wearing the flower one-piece… I feel she could have been better, although I think I know what she was going for, but her face is pretty AF, LOL. She looks like Tang Wei and is definitely worthy of being center.”
  • “I like the song after listening to it twice, but her dancing leaves much to be desired, ㅠㅠ. But it’s ok since she’s so pretty.”
  • “The song is good, and her face is so pretty that I couldn’t keep track of time while watching the music video, LOL. I like Jisoo.”
  • “The vocals could have been better, but the song is amazing.”

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