Fans praised IVE’s Liz on comeback day.

IVE fans are buzzing with excitement and anticipation as they praise Liz for her slimmer figure and for shedding the weight she had previously gained.

Liz is one of the IVE members who has garnered much attention for her visuals as well as her singing skills. She quickly gained a large fan base with her lovely charms and visuals. Unfortunately, with popularity comes scrutiny about largely trivial matters.

In particular, Liz has been recently criticized for her weight gain while fans became concerned that the irregular schedule and stress of being an idol were affecting the member’s health.

On March 27, IVE released the pre-release single “Kitsch” just ahead of their 1st full-length album ‘I’ve IVE‘ set to drop on April 10, KST. The song disappointed some fans as Liz had less than 6 seconds of singing time.

But during live streaming on March 28, Liz was seen slimmer than before. Fans have been sharing photos and videos of the singer on social media, pointing out how her face looks slimmer and her overall appearance more toned than before. Fans are thrilled to see her looking healthy and confident. They have been flooding social media with messages of support, praising the singer for her hard work and perseverance.

Fans and netizens commented, “She did clearly lose weight,” “In the video, all you see is Liz, she’s so gorgeous,” “She’s so pretty,” “It’s not important how heavy or light Liz is, people just want to criticize her,” “I think she did lose weight more than before,” and “She’s not as skinny as when she was blonde but she did definitely looks good now.”

BTS jimin’s reaction to “Set Me Free Pt.2” MV:

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