Fans are touched by this healthy relationship between BTS Jhope and J. Cole.

On March 3, BTS‘s J-Hope released a landmark song of his career, “On The Street,” in collaboration with his long-time idol and legendary artist J. Cole. To celebrate the song’s release, J-Hope did a livestream on Weverse and shared some stories about the track while he was literally on the street!

A behind-the-scenes story that he shared on the live has especially touched the hearts of fans. J-Hope said that after shooting for the music video together, he exchanged contacts with J. Cole, and they still keep in touch. After returning to Korea, he texted J. Cole, saying how honored he was to work with him. In return, J. Cole sent him a paragraph-long reply!

J-Hope was also apologetic about his limited English, which restricted their communication. But J. Cole reassured him by saying that compared to his own Korean skills, J-Hope’s English is much better. The BTS member said he had never thought about it from this point of view and was very touched by the response.

Fans are equally touched by J. Cole’s response and appreciative of how sensible and kind he is to J-Hope.

Given that despite being one of the biggest acts in the world currently, BTS members often have to face discriminatory behaviors from foreign industry professionals, J. Cole’s comment put into perspective how mutual respect between two genuine artists can be so simple yet beautiful.

BTS Jhope Live Weverse 「On The Street」

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