During NMIXX’s recent fansign, SULLYOON cried because a fan yelled at him.

talking with a fanboy. Accordingly, this fanboy is fansite NIGHFALLS0126, who asked Sullyoon to explain why she wasn’t looking directly into her camera.

The account chikoria_ said, “Because of the recent unfortunate events in the industry, fans tried to say positive things to their idols. Why did he make her explain like that? She tried her best. She held back her tears but ended up crying in front of other fans.”

After that, the fanboy officially apologized, “I sincerely apologize to Sullyoon for what happened. It’s true. I’ve worked very hard to follow NMIXX’s schedule, so I just hope to receive a lot. more attention from Sullyoon.

So on April 21, when she couldn’t see my camera, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I told her I was very tired and said “You’re not looking at me”. Sullyoon explained that because there were so many fans, she couldn’t see them one by one. She said she can sometimes miss me and also expressed her apology.”

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