‘Dispatch’ reports that Seungri & model, rumored girlfriend Yoo Hye Won have a couple vacation in Bangkok

According to a ‘Dispatch‘ news report on March 22 KST, former Big Bang member Seungri (32) and his rumored girlfriend, model/influencer Yoo Hye Won (28), were spotted vacationing in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this month.

‘Dispatch’ reported that the two were spotted hand in hand in the lobby of a luxurious Bangkok hotel, casually displaying affection toward each other while also staying alert, avoiding encounters with other Korean tourists.

Rumors that Seungri and Yoo Hye Won were dating initially surfaced in October of 2018, when a Chinese media outlet published a photo of a man and a woman, presumed to be Seungri and Yoo Hye Won, embracing each other in a street. Afterward, dating rumors between the two came up again in September of 2020, when Seungri enlisted as an active duty soldier for his mandatory military service. At the time, netizens claimed that a woman holding a dog in her lap had accompanied Seungri in his vehicle, and many raised suspicions that the woman was Yoo Hye Won.

Now, according to ‘Dispatch’, Seungri and Yoo Hye Won have managed to stay together even during Seungri’s time away in prison. When the media outlet contacted Yoo Hye Won’s side to confirm whether or not she and Seungri visited Bangkok in early March, Yoo Hye Won’s side allegedly said, “The visit was a gathering with various acquaintances in light of a wedding being held in Thailand.”

Meanwhile, former Big Bang member Seungri was released from prison early for good behavior on February 9, 2023, after receiving a sentence of a year and 6 months.

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