Q. How would you describe Calvin Klein? What is your favorite Calvin Klein item to wear every day?

🐰: Calvin Klein is my everyday choice! I usually wear Calvin Klein underwear. It gives me comfort and confidence.

Q. What is the most memorable moment in this photo shoot?
🐰: I feel a bit embarrassed when I’m wearing only my outerwear and nothing underneath at the set with so many people

Q. Over the past time, Jung Kook has said many times, “I don’t know if it’s okay to receive so much love.” But through the Weverse platform, you also shared, “Now I will try to be more confident now.” Is there any reason why you changed your mind like that?
🐰: Instead of saying there’s a reason, maybe it’s just because I realize it through my daily life experience. Because people will always change, whether we like it or not.

Q. What is the best decision you have made recently?
🐰: Definitely decided to become a Calvin Klein Global Ambassador!

Q. What has influenced you the most these days, and how has it changed you?
🐰: I’m often inspired by the great music of artists I admire. As an artist too, they really become a great motivator for me. And of course, our ARMY too. They are my inspiration and motivation every day. It can be said that the current me is thanks to ARMY.

Jungkook’s interview received a lot of attention and positive interaction from the audience.

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