Coldplay announced the release of their concert in cinemas. Fans are eagerly waiting for BTS Jin’s appearance in the concert.

Back in October, Coldplay held their successful concerts in Argentina. Jin was the special guest at one of their ”Music of the Spheres” shows in Buenos Aires at the River Plate stadium. The tickets immediately sold out after the surprise announcement of Jin’s appearance. The show was also broadcast in thousands of cinemas around the world. It happened to be the day of ‘The Astronaut’s release, but the entire stadium was singing along with Jin and knew the lyrics by heart. There were supportive banners for Jin everywhere too. The magical experience left a big impression in the hearts of thousands of people.

On March 1, Coldplay announced the special release of the ‘Music of the Sphere‘ live concert in cinemas around the world. This version will be the director’s cut of the show. The announcement says that the premiere will feature two artists: H.E.R. and Jin, with “his record-breaking song, ‘The Astronaut.’

People will be able to experience those magical moments once again! More than that, the concert includes unseen footage, for example, backstage access. The fans of Jin are looking forward to seeing more sweet interactions between Jin and Coldplay members! The tickets are available on the official website.

BTS Jin Mukbang:

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