BTS‘s Jungkook is officially set to collaborate with designer brand Calvin Klein.

Back in January, Jungkook and Calvin Klein started trending as sexy AF photos circulated on the internet.

It wasn’t just a random outburst of tweets but was done because they noticed that Cedric Murac, the global head of creative at Calvin Klein, followed Jungkook on Instagram.

While a collaboration between Jungkook and any brand might have been unrealistic in the past, it has become more possible. In 2023, the members have slowly become individual ambassadors for brands like CELINEDIOR, and Valentino.

On March 25, the rumor mill started brewing again when Calvin Klein followed BTS’s official Instagram… because Jungkook doesn’t have one.

If that wasn’t enough, the internet went into a meltdown after the brand started replying to ARMYs. On March 25, the brand asked, “Who do you want to see?”

Of course, the comments were full of Jungkook’s name, and amidst the chaos on March 27 (local time), the brand started replying with eye emojis. They even went to much older tweets from the start of the year.

They then tweeted, reminding fans to turn on their notifications. Although they didn’t specify anything about Jungkook, the patterns couldn’t have been a coincidence.

After all the teasers, ARMYs had to wait until March 27 for any confirmation from the brand… and of course, it sent the internet into meltdown as they made fans even more excited, adding, “same time tomorrow?”

Although Jungkook’s name wasn’t mentioned, anyone could tell that the clips were Jungkook from the shots of his face, his tattoos, and much more… including the fact ARMYs will see the idol shirtless and showing off his amazing physique.

Of course, when the clip was posted, ARMYs couldn’t hide their excited reactions, especially after waiting so long for confirmation about the collaboration.

BTS Jungkook Live Weverse:

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