BTS V’s unexpected reaction when J-Hope talked about Jimin’s new MV.

As one of the youngest in BTSis never afraid of calling out the group’s older members in the most iconic way… it is charming and showcases the close bond between them all.

Recently, the idol gained attention after his hilarious reaction to a comment made by J-Hope.

On March 17 (KST), Jimin released the music video for his song “Set Me Free Pt.2.” Of course, it wasn’t surprising when it sent the entire internet into a meltdown with everything from the amazing song, the unreal choreography… and his outfit.

The members were quickly there to share their support, and it wasn’t surprising that the first member was J-Hope. In the comments, J-Hope replied about how insane it was, adding that Jimin “tore it apart.”

It was J-Hope’s second comment that really captured the attention of fans… and eventually V. Under Jimin’s post, J-Hope wrote, “ㅠㅠ jonna cool ㅠㅠ” 

While many were confused about the word as it was written in Korean, “jonna” is actually the romanization of a word actually used with adjectives like a softer version of a swear word. In this case, added to “cool,” the phrase would mean something is “very” cool but in a more explicit way.

V was the next idol to make an appearance, although he initially arrived to say, “Yes, I’m enjoying it…”

It seems that, like ARMYs, V was drawn to the comment of J-Hope swearing! Like any younger sibling, V wasn’t afraid to call his hyung out for the swear word he had just used on Weverse. Hilariously, it was all because of J-Hope’s use of English for the word.

In his comment, V hilariously wrote, “Hyung, do you think that it’ll be fine as long as it’s in English?”

What made it funnier was that for many Weverse users, the meaning was very different as fans pointed out that the auto-translate read, “Do you think you can speak English?” which is very different.

As always, V never fails to make ARMYs laugh through his interactions with the members. While he was quick to share praise with Jimin, his reaction to J-Hope’s comment was truly peak sibling energy.

BTS V Live Weverse:

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