BTS V speaks out about the animal representing him

One of the biggest debates as a BTS fan is bear vs. tiger when it comes to which animal best represents member V.

Over the years, fans have used the two emojis to represent the idol, but there’s always been a debate over which one V prefers. Well, it seems like V has finally put the debate to rest in a recent interview.

ELLE Korea has been teasing a new video with ARMYs, and even before the video was released, the teasers had fans excited as they realized that one of the biggest debates in BTS land would be solved.

When the video was finally released, it wasn’t surprising that V looked absolutely adorable.

After holding up both the tiger and the bear emoji, V revealed that both animals represent different sides to him. While the tiger represents BTS’s V, the bear is more connected to Kim Taehyung.

When it came to the side of BTS’s V as an idol, he explained why the tiger perfectly represented that.

[This emoji implies] that I should look powerful on a stage. That I want to look a bit cooler. It implies that. You frown for no reason… and you try to look cool, is what the emoji represents.

— BTS’s V

While the tiger was cool and powerful, the bear showcased a very different side to the idol that was more linked with who Kim Taehyung is, adding, “He looks slow in action.”

V also acknowledged the debate amongst fans and that they wanted to know which he preferred. After what seemed like forever, V finally set the record straight as he explained, “Since V is my persona, I’m still more into V.”

Yet, what is funnier is that as diplomatic as the answer was, V seemingly still opted for the tiger… which is very different from a past decision.

Back in 2022, V was making use of the poll function on Instagram. After some advice from RM on how to solve the debate, he launched a poll during his Instagram Q&A. ARMYs flooded the poll with votes, but in the end, there could only be one winner.

In the end, V seemingly went with the people as he shared the results and then another photo with the caption, “bear wins.”

Although bears came out on top back then, it seems like V has confirmed where his loyalty lies, and it’s with the tiger. Whether it will stay that way might not be as certain, with people changing as they grow up. For now, it’s safe to say V is a tiger, but he will always be a tiger to many fans.

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