BTS V finally revealed the group’s meaningful tattoo.

BTS‘s V never meant to reveal his tattoo to the world.

BTS had planned to get friendship tattoos for forever. Finally, last year, they each got theirs, and each member has slowly been revealing their tattoos one by one.

ARMY: Friendship tattoos remind me of the Avengers

V: I’m going to get it on my right butt where it’s not visible. I think Yoongi-hyung was the one who suggested friendship tattoos

V was the first to reveal the group’s plan to get tattoos together. Yet, he was one of the last members to reveal his, and he revealed recently it was an accident.

ARMY: Don’t get a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!

V: That’s something I’ll decide on my own, and the members and I always talked about getting a friendship tattoo. We’re going to get a friendship tattoo one day. Look forward to it 🥰🥰

On December 16, 2022, V surprised fans when he shared some images from his recent trip to Mexico to film Jinny’s Kitchen. The final photo he uploaded truly shocked ARMYs as they spotted the “7” tattoo on his thigh.

Previously, ARMYs were suspicious they located the tattoo in his photoshoot for Vogue Korea as he wore shorts.

Now, in a new interview with ELLE KOREA, V has revealed that he accidentally revealed the tattoo.

The interviewer asked V, “A photo that you’ve uploaded during your shoot in Mexico for revealed your friendship tattoo with BTS members. Does the tattoo have any power to it?” The K-Pop idol explained that he actually forgets that he has a tattoo.

I forget the fact that I have a tattoo, and sometimes I’m surprised and say, ‘Oh, I have a tattoo!’

— V

V surprisingly shared that he never intended to showcase his tattoo. Now that ARMYs have seen it, he is thankful to them for supporting BTS’s friendship tattoos.

I didn’t intend on revealing it but I feel fortunate that many people seem to understand and support the meaning of this friendship tattoo.

— V

Now, despite it being his idea to get matching tattoos with his members, Suga is the only member left who has not had an official tattoo reveal yet! Read more below.

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