BTS jungkook is considered a national treasure of Korea

Korean media pointed out: “Nine out of 10 Koreans believe that the K-Pop Wave has had a positive effect on national prestige and the economy. ”

On the 17th, the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) conducted a survey of 1011 people and according to the results, 89.5% of the respondents said that the situation of Korea has increased due to the spread of the Korean Wave.
Most of the people answered that the influence of the Korean Wave has grown more than 40 times in the past 20 years.
65.9% of the responses cited K-pop and artists like BTS as representative content for the Korean Wave.
Photo captions used in the article:
BTS’ Jungkook performed the official World Cup soundtrack ‘Dreamers’ at the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar held at Alcor Al Beit Stadium in Qatar on the afternoon of November

Teakook Video:

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