BTS Jungkook conquers the world with fashion photos as an ambassador for Calvin Klein.

BTS‘s Jungkook is proving his shocking global popularity and influence as the idol takes over the world with his latest brand endorsement.

After teasing ARMYs, Calvin Klein finally announced that BTS’s Jungkook was their newest global ambassador, releasing sexy AF photos…

It seems like almost overnight, Jungkook has taken over the world with his Calvin Klein shots as billboards and advertisements have gone up in global cities.

One of the first examples of this was that, literally hours after the collaboration was announced, Jungkook made it to New York. Like many Calvin Klein ambassadors, including BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, Jungkook is up on the iconic Houston Street Calvin Klein billboard.

While the image is impressive, the scale of the billboard is even more noticeable in the video. As one of the cities with the largest populations in the world, millions of people will see Jungkook’s billboard.

Yet, it wasn’t just New York that turned purple with Calvin Klein. Since the announcement, ARMYs worldwide have been sharing that Jungkook has appeared in stores and cities across the globe.

Fans have shared photos of the idol appearing on LED screens and posters in the brand’s stores, including in Malaysia…

And this was less than 24 hours after Jungkook’s role at Calvin Klein was announced. It won’t be surprising if the photos are seen in even more stores and locations across the world.

It also seems like Jungkook’s popularity and influence are being seen in other ways, and ARMYs have shared the impact the latest announcement has had.

BTS Jungkook live Weverse:

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