BTS Jin’s photos at the graduation ceremony of the training center to celebrate the completion of military training of young soldiers.

BTS Jin performed his mandatory military service in December 2022, seen wearing his official uniform and standing next to his fellow soldiers as they celebrated their graduation. He was selected as an assistant instructor at the Yeoncheon military base in Gyeonggi-do.

News of Jin’s appearance at the ceremony quickly spread on social networks, fans expressed their excitement and admiration for the image of the male singer in military uniform.

Jin’s latest photos were shared on various online communities where fans and netizens were able to share their praise. They commented, “He’s so good-looking,” “His shoulders are becoming wider,” “His good looks can be spotted from miles away,” “He has everything, the face, and the physique,” “You can see his good looks even if the resolution of the photos are bad, lol,” “I was waiting for updates,” “He’s wearing a mask but you can still see how good looking he is,” and “I’m so happy to see these latest photos.”

Message from BTS Jin:

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