BTS Jin’s first Instagram post since enlistment has become the hottest topic on Korean media.

It has been almost 3 months since Jin enlisted in the army. While there, the artist managed to become a commander of his unit. Nowadays, he serves as the training assistant, commanding the newcomers at his base. A few days ago, Jin was promoted to the Private First Class rank as well. Fans congratulated their favorite artists and trended many hashtags. It was a hot topic not only in Korean media but also the global outlets.

It’s not a secret that everyone misses Jin a lot. The artist keeps making it to the Top 5 of the “most mentioned celebrities on social media” list, arranged by NetBase Quid, every single month.

His bandmates, Jimin and J-hope are the most vocal about missing their friend. They always make sure to let the fans know if Jin called them on the phone. Both members say that Jin feels good there, eats well, successfully accomplishes his duties and can’t wait to go back to making music and performing on stage. Jimin even said that Jin is not an ordinary person, and it didn’t surprise him that Jin does so well in the military. However, it was still a big surprise for the BTS fans to see an update on Jin’s Instagram!

The artist posted a picture with Jimin and J-hope! Jin was standing between them, smiling sweetly and showing a peace sign. People said that Jin looks healthy, cute and handsome! His face is glowing without any makeup on, demonstrating the natural beauty of Jin

The post already has more than 11 million likes on Instagram! Multiple hashtags and keywords are still trending around the whole world on Twitter.

Jin’s Instagram update caused a lot of fuss among the Netizens too. In the very first hour, it was already trending as the 3rd most-viewed article on Naver and had over 2.6k likes. The article had 76k views in just 2 hours after its release. It is trending on the main page. All of the major K-media outlets reported the new photo of Jin. The most common keywords were: Private First Class Kim Seokjin, Manly buzzcut, Welcome, and Reunion. 

The post about it is trending in the Hot Category on TheQoo with thousands of positive comments. It is also trending #1 on the other big forum, Pann. The post has over 635 likes which is a large number for this platform. All of the top comments talk about Jin looking very handsome, young and healthy.

People miss Jin a lot, and he gets a large number of supportive comments on all platforms every single day! Let’s hope to see more updates from Jin very soon. 

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