BTS Jimin’s sweet performance of “Like Crazy” on a recent show captivated the audience.

BTS Jimin is currently actively participating in shows to promote his new product, “Like Crazy,” and fans have had moments of enjoying his sweet voice.

A live talk show hosted by Lee Mujin. Although his appearance was a surprise when Jimin greeted “fans”, fans fell in love with the content of the show.

ARMYs were also amused that the show’s guest, the flirty Jimin, was stunned when Lee Mujin admitted to calling Jimin “oppa”. ”

In addition to the interview, Jimin treated viewers to a live acoustic version of “Like Crazy!” The music video for this song has a “crazy” vibe in many parts…

Following his performance, Lee Mujin voiced his thoughts, representing how everyone watching felt while listening to Jimin sing.

Each and every time I listen to BTS music, for myself, I think Jimin’s role is you make the song refreshing when the song is hard. I’ve always thought that you play such a sweet role. But since it’s contained in one song… How should I say it? Should I say that it feels like I’m at a Kyoto hot spring? The muscles of the body… The muscles that were stiff [relax]. And usually, there aren’t that many staff members, so I was nervous, but listening to your song made me really calm.

— Lee Mujin

Watch BTS Jimin’s video and leave your comments!

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