BTS jimin’s reaction on live Weverse to Jungkook falling asleep on his live broadcast.

When it comes to the friendship between the BTS members, they are all extremely special. Yet, there is always going to be a bond between the youngest members, and Jimin and Jungkook are no different.

Recently, Jimin showcased his admiration for the young BTS member after watching his content.

On March 4 (KST), Jungkook once again made ARMYs smile after starting a surprise live broadcast. Throughout the broadcast, Jungkook was drinking and living his best life.

Even V couldn’t hide his reactions as he made an appearance in the comments. As expected, V couldn’t resist teasing Jungkook and entertaining fans. “Everyone, he’s drunk,” V wrote playfully.

While the broadcast was hilarious, the stand-out moment came toward the end. After reassuring fans that he wouldn’t go to sleep and not to ask him…

Jungkook eventually shared that he was going to take as short rest… before he actually fell asleep and left 15 million ARMYs watching a flickering candle while the idol slept.

While Jimin wasn’t present in Jungkook’s recent broadcast comments, it doesn’t mean that the idol wasn’t watching. In his own Weverse live, Jimin shared his iconic reaction to Jungkook falling asleep, and it was truly relatable.

On March 6 (KST), Jimin once again surprised fans with an arty live broadcast. While he usually makes lego figures, the idol returned to create a terrarium.

As expected, the broadcast was full of so many calming moments and Jimin made sure to chat about his members, whether it was J-Hope‘s latest release or V’s appearance on Jinny’s Kitchen.

In particular, it wasn’t surprising that Jimin spoke about Jungkook’s hilarious broadcast.

When asked if he’d met Jungkook recently, Jimin hilariously explained that he watched the maknae’s broadcast and the moment he fell asleep.

While ARMYs found it hilarious, it isn’t surprising that Jimin had the same reaction as he revealed, “I laughed a lot,” while watching the chaos ensuing on Weverse.

He even hilariously read out a comment about Jungkook farting, and it showcases how close they are.

There is no denying how iconic the moment was, and it will go down in Weverse Live history. What is even funnier is that the members seemingly watch each other’s content, and Jimin saw exactly what Jungkook did and also couldn’t stop laughing.

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