BTS Jimin’s 1st solo album “Face” has been released and how the members helped to complete it.

BTS member Jimin’s first solo album Face was released on March 24, and it’s already shaken up the music industry in less than 24 hours. The singer recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss this new chapter in his career and revealed how the album began in the first place.

When the interviewer asked how the rest of the BTS members helped him prepare for Face, Jimin made a surprising revelation, saying, “Actually, my members were the people who made it possible for me to start preparing this album.” He shared that during the Permission to Dance on Stage concerts in Las Vegas, he struggled emotionally and opened up to his groupmates about it.

While we were talking over drinks, I told them, ‘I don’t know if I’m doing well. I don’t even know what I’m doing.’ But the members said that it’s perfectly fine to feel that way, that it’s okay to feel lost sometimes. They suggested, ‘Why don’t you express these emotions through music?’

—Jimin, Rolling Stone

After this conversation, Jimin said he was inspired to work on his music and started to meet up with producers immediately after returning to Korea. When the interviewer asked him what about the Las Vegas concerts triggered his complicated emotions, the singer explained that he felt lost during the pandemic. Being unable to see fans and have shows in person took a toll on his perspective as an artist. But talking to his co-members helped him see how he was not alone in feeling that way.

During the Las Vegas concerts, I had the chance to talk with my members about how they were also surviving during this time. Before, I thought that I was the only one who was feeling and acting weird and that all my members were still working really hard and still looked really cool, that they were shining on their own. I thought I was the odd one out, so talking to them really helped me get back on my feet.

—Jimin, Rolling Stone

The album’s making process proved to be a healing method for the idol, who clarified that his emotional turmoil is no longer a bother. “I actually was able to completely resolve and move on from all those feelings of being lost. I’m perfectly okay now, so I’m so very thankful to them,” Jimin told the interviewer.

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