BTS Jimin shed tears on a recent show when he heard a fangirl’s true thoughts.

BTS‘s Jimin stopped by the popular YouTube channel PIXID this week for an episode of their popular “imposter” series. The show was filled with laughs as Jimin tried his best to hide his identity in a group chat full of provincial fans — fans who live outside of Seoul — but things soon turned teary as the women shared what fangirling really means to them.

While provincial K-Pop fans in South Korea get a lot more opportunities than international fans do, you may be surprised to learn how much more difficult things are for those who don’t live in the capital city. Throughout the show, fans lamented how expensive travel and accommodation in, how hard it can be to secure a train ticket or a place to stay during concert weekends, and how long it takes to receive albums.

Of course, all of this hassle is secondary to the “stan” experience. Towards the end of the episode, the Pixid moderator asked a poignant question: What does being a provincial fangirl really mean?
Ultimately, despite all the difficulties, the fans had nothing but heartfelt words to say. One fan, nicknamed “Overseas Trip” in relation to the vacation she could’ve taken with the money she spent on fangirling, said it simply: “It’s just happiness. They protect my burnout.”
Just liking them,” answered a Stray Kids fan who chose the nickname “Provincial Void.” She added, “And strangely, it doesn’t feel wasteful to spend money on fangirling.”

Just when Jimin was trying to come up with another answer to blend in with the group, he stopped in his tracks as a fan nicknamed “Last Train Cinderella” revealed just how deep her feelings go.

Sigh, I get really teary talking about this, but I go through hard times thanks to them. I want to return the love because they gave me so much.

— “Last Train Cinderella”

The others agreed, with “Overseas Trip” noting that “you fangirl during the toughest time because that’s when they come and comfort you.” One fan described her idols as coming to her “like a gift,” while “Last Train Cinderella” explained how much she wanted to repay the favor.

Now I want to be their source of strength when they’re going through hard times.

— “Last Train Cinderella”

With those words, Jimin couldn’t hold back his own emotions any longer. As the fangirls all agreed, “Let’s do K-Pop for life,” Jimin could be seen wiping tears from his eyes.

Talking to the camera, the fangirls continued to share sentiments that every international fan can agree with.

Even when things are hard, you feel happy seeing them. They’re like the driving force of my life.

— “50k Expenses”

The Stray Kids fan explained that she receives “so much comfort” from their lyrics, the money she spends on them doesn’t feel wasteful at all.

“Overseas Trip” stated that even though it can take upwards of six hours to get to a concert, the moments everyone sings together “stay with you as your happiest moments.”

You feel a sense of joy in a moment’s notice just living life. That’s when you realize you’re alive.

— “Last Train Cinderella”

In his own, aside from the camera, Jimin was almost lost for words. “I didn’t want to joke around in that moment,” he explained, adding, “I think I was immersed in what they were saying.

Jimin went on to say that hearing how fans truly feel made him even more dedicated to giving that love back to them.

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