BTS Jimin & Jhope visit hyung jin, BTS Jin’s Instagram post makes ARMYs feel happy to witness this reunion.

BTS‘s Jin might be busy handling his duties and responsibilities in the military, but he’s never too busy for his beloved members.

It’s been over two months since Jin enlisted for mandatory military service. Though he has made sure to be around, sometimes through Weverse posts or Instagram comments and other times through pre-recorded videos, fans can’t help but miss seeing him.

But if there is anyone who misses Jin more, it has to be the BTS members themselves. Out of all six of them, J-Hope and Jimin are the most vocal about it too. They talk about him during their livestreams and occasionally keep ARMYs posted about his well-being.

After his enlistment, Jin has stayed away from social media for the most part. But he has made exceptions for J-Hope so far. He returned to Instagram to wish his dongsaeng a happy birthday last month.

A few days later, when the news of J-Hope’s upcoming enlistment was out, Jin returned to Weverse to welcome him to military life. Then, he joked around, saying, “If by chance we meet, don’t make eye contact because I’m a private and you’re a trainee LOL.” J-Hope played along and responded with a saluting emoji, only to get schooled about the correct way to salute from the army’s Private First Class Jin.

But all these interactions happened through the comment section of other posts. Jin’s last Instagram post before enlistment was a photo of him posing in front of a white wall.

But his streak of no Instagram posts after enlistment broke today after he uploaded a picture with J-Hope and Jimin. It was probably clicked while the two members visited their hyung, given Jinwass in his uniform.

Jin captioned the photo, “Welcome,” indicating J-Hope’s approaching enlistment. J-Hope responded, laughing in the comment section.

Seeing Jin after so long, that too with his two beloved members, was definitely a treat for fans. The post got over a million likes within just 30 minutes!

ARMYs couldn’t be happier seeing this reunion and soon started joking about how they all must have greeted each other after so long.

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