BTS Jimin and Jungkook’s reaction when ARMY left Fandom.

Following Jimin‘s recent appearance on PIXID’s popular “imposter” series, BTS‘s ARMYs have noticed how different his response to a former ARMY becoming a fan of another group is to that of his fellow member, Jungkook.

While pretending to be a provincial fan from South Korea, Jimin was added to a group chat with four real fans who had to guess which one of them was the imposter. Together with Jimin, the fans talked about different fan-related things — such as purchasing albums and the costs of attending concerts in Seoul — in an attempt to catch the imposter out.

During one of the rounds, a fan revealed that they were part of the STAY (Stray Kids‘ fans) fandom. Near the end of the video, after Jimin was revealed to be the imposter, upon seeing him the STAY shared that she used to be an ARMY. The young fan even added that BTS was the first concert she attended!

Jimin’s reaction to the reveal was hilarious as he asked the Stray Kids fan where she had gone and what is she up to now.

Where have you gone now? What are you up to? We have to take her back

— BTS’s Jimin

He even decided to send an impromptu video message to the fan’s Stray Kids bias, Felix, asking him to be understanding of Jimin wanting to take the fan home.

Yongbok-nim (Felix’s nickname)!  I’m not taking her from you… She left home so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.

— BTS’s Jimin

ARMYs found Jimin’s response to a fan leaving the fandom hilarious, but everyone agreed it becomes even funnier when you compare it to Jungkook talking about a similar situation. As opposed to Jimin wanting to take the fan back “home” immediately, Jungkook’s response was calmer and sweeter.

Jungkook’s quote from a 2019 Season’s Greetings video uploaded on YouTube was brought back to attention by ARMYs. After thanking wishing fans a prosperous new year and sharing excitement to spend more time with them, Jungkook also mentioned fans who may have already “moved on” from the group.

“Some of you may have already moved on, but I want to thank you all no matter when you loved us. I just want to say thank you for sharing all those moments with us.”

— BTS’s Jungkook”

The disparency between the two members’ statements made for some hilarious reactions from ARMYs on social media. Everyone loved the members’ unique ways to show love and gratitude even toward fans that may have left the fandom to support other groups.

BTS Jin & Jikook Mukbang:

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