BTS Jhope suddenly brought flowers to visit Jimin during the recording of “Music Bank”.

BTS Jimin was a guest during the “Music Bank” recording and performed to celebrate the release of his album FACE, promoting both the songs “Set Me Free Pt.2” and “Like Crazy.” .

ARMYs surprised after attending Jimin’s music show appearance was none other than fellow dance member J-Hope.

BTS Jhope was spotted entering the venue, looking very handsome and holding a huge bouquet of flowers.

When Jimin won, he was congratulated by his junior idols with flowers. ARMY noticed that one of them was the purple flowers that J-Hope had brought with him.

When the show ended, J-Hope walked onto the stage and the two shared a touching moment when they hugged each other.

They were expected to ride in the same car but Jimin was told he was going to ride in the back, the two had another hug when they got home.

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