BTS Jhope made a memorable appearance on ‘Jay Park’s Drive’

As reported, the BTS member was the first to appear on the latest KBS music program hosted by Jay Park. On the episode aired on March 12, j-hope was a huge hit as he delivered live performances of “Chicken Noodle Soup,” “on the street,” “MORE,” “Arson,” in addition to freestyle dance challenges to “Blue Check” and remix versions of BTS’s “Dynamite” and “Butter.”

What made this episode extra special was j-hope and Jay Park’s sitting in the audience section. According to the program, this was the first time in the history of KBS late-night music programs for the host and the guest to do so. Sitting with his fans, j-hope made the person sitting next to him fluster with joy.

The camera continued to shoot the fan next to j-hope, which made the entire audience laugh. On online forums, netizens applauded j-hope for affectionately staring at the fan in order to hilariously diffuse the tension.

Throughout the episode, the BTS member also interacted with the audience by dancing, singing, and rapping in close proximity.

More reactions include:

“He is an unbelievable performance person”
“He belongs to the stage”
“This episode was amazing”
“Incredible episode”

“I felt so jealous lol”
“He was sooooooooooooo good!!”

“A really good entertainer and performer”
“The entire episode was full of goodness”
“It was the best”
“today was the best….”
“How do I send you to the army”

“Please hold a concert for us”
“A performance genius”
“The live was unbelievable”

BTS Jhop Live Weverse:

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