BLACKPINK reacts to the audience’s actions during their BORN PINK world tour.

Rosé gave the fan an answer they all agreed with 😂

BLACKPINK has encountered more than a few unique fan signs during their BORN PINK world tour. This time, a fan took it to the next level during the soundcheck for Jakarta, Indonesia.

While performing “STAY”, Jennie noticed a particular sign in the audience and pointed it out to Lisa beside her.

The sign that caught the members’ attention offered something hilariously unusual. The fan wrote, “I’d sell my lil sis for you.” Since many people were curious about the members’ reactions, it was captured on camera.

The entire group found the sign just as funny as fans. Still, Rosé responded to the sign with a serious answer. She reassured them that breaking up their family wasn’t necessary to show their support.

No. Please, no. Don’t sell your little sister for us. We love all of you guys.

— Rosé

Even after Rosé responded to the fan, the members couldn’t stop laughing as they continued with their soundcheck. Not only do the BLACKPINK members have a sense of humor, but BLINKs can be just as silly.

BTS reaction to Blackpink:

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