BLACKPINK Lisa’s angelic beauty at Coachella.

BLACKPINK Lisa wowed fans with her ravishing beauty, this time at the highly anticipated Coachella music festival. The fashion icon and K-pop phenomenon was spotted among the crowd at Coachella the first weekend of the festival, and fans were struck by her stunning visuals.

At the Coachella music festival, the Girls gave a legendary performance that attracted 250 million live viewers and more than 125 thousand followers. After the show, the girls can relax and join the crowd attending other artists’ performances. On April 16, Lisa was spotted enjoying a performance by GOT7’s Ciara and Jackson, Frank Ocean.

Korean netizens are once again enamored with BLACKPINK’s Lisa after many fans shared photos of her online. The photos showing Lisa’s gorgeous beauty and doll-like appearance made netizens unable to take their eyes off.

Netizens commented: “She looks like a doll”, “She really looks like a doll”, “Her proportions are crazy”, “She’s a real life doll”. “, “She’s so pretty”, “She looks great with that bun”, “Love her outfit”, “She’s the prettiest in the world”, “She stands out from the crowd” because she’s so pretty”…

 BLACKPINK Reaction to BTS:

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