BLACKPINK Jennie’s recent fashion style is very popular and sells out almost everything she touches.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has always been an “it girl,” starting trends with her makeup, fashion, and accessories and selling out almost everything she touches.

Her intentional and unintentional influence continues to impress fans, brands, and locals alike.

As a global star, it’s no surprise that all eyes are on Jennie as people closely watch her style to determine the latest trends.

Since her debut, Jennie has tried numerous styles and trends, proving she can effortlessly pull off any outfit and look.

Recently, netizens have noticed a change in Jennie’s fashion that makes the look a lot more attainable but is surprisingly more difficult to pull off in a trendy way. But for Jennie, it looks effortlessly chic and runway ready.

Instead of fitted clothing, cropped tops, and short skirts and shorts, the talented member has opted for a more casual look.

Netizens compiled photos of her recent fashion style and reacted to the new look.

In the photos, Jennie wears looser fashion. From straight-leg jeans serving ’90s vibes to oversized sweaters and jackets with comfortable sneakers or slides, Jennie appears to put function and comfort first without sacrificing her fashion-forward style.

  • “It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you wear. What matters is how they fit… And she fits literally anything and everything.”
  • “Huh! This is a change for sure. I haven’t seen Jennie’s casual outfits in a while, and I’m surprised there’s nothing cropped involved here. Didn’t she wear a lot of cropped tops? And a lot tighter in fit, too?”
  • “I don’t find this outfit cute, but on Jennie… I think it’s trendy and nice.”
  • “This isn’t the first time she pulled off outfits like this. But I think because fashion trends are changing, we’re noticing it a bit more and talking about it, too. Anyway, I love her fit. I want all of these items.”
  • “For me, I like it better when she wears tighter-fitting clothes because I think she has a legendary physique. Haha. But this style suits her nicely, too. She always knows what she’s doing with her fashion.”

Jennie continuously proves she looks incredible no matter what she wears.

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