BLACKPINK Jennie’s reaction when surprised by the reporter’s question at Incheon airport.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has always had the reputation of being an “Ice Princess,” but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth as the idol is warm and radiates sunshine.

She’s also extremely professional and honest with BLINKs.

Ahead of the group’s shows in Malaysia, Jennie revealed that she had sustained an injury during the group’s time off. While exercising, Jennie hurt herself and sustained a scar, which meant that she had to wear a bandaid.

I’m just letting you guys know first so you guys aren’t shocked.
While resting, I was taking care of my health and eating well, and sleeping well, but while exercising, I tripped over my foot and I fell, which resulted in a slight scar on my face. I want to get better so that BLINKs aren’t worried quickly, but it is still healing, so I’ll have to wear a band-aid on my face for a while. Please understand despite me looking 🥺. I know I should show everyone a great show, so I apologize that I’ll be looking like this. I’ll get better soon so, please don’t worry and I’ll see you soon.

— Jennie

Despite her injury, Jennie has showcased her professionalism during the group’s recent shows in Malaysia. On March 6 (KST), Jennie proved how charming and professional she is after appearing at the airport ahead of to Paris for Fashion Week.

As revealed on Weverse, Jennie wore the bandage while walking through the airport. In images, she was full of smiles and positivity as she greeted those who had waited for her.

To walking through the airport, Jennie was full of smiles, and her energy was infectious as she kept smiling and radiated positivity.

She also had some adorable interactions with fansites who were waiting to wish the idol well on her travels. It was clear that Jennie was full of positivity and loved seeing so many BLINKs there.

Aside from her adorable interactions with fans and the way she held herself, Jennie is going viral for her reaction to a member of the press.

While walking through the airport, a member of the media showcased his soft side for Jenny as he asked the idol, “Are you okay?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jenny instantly went shy and looked absolutely adorable before she eventually replied that she was okay.

While many people have always used any excuse to criticize Jennie for her attitude, especially at the airport, Jennie showcased her true personality and professionalism at Incheon Airport. Despite her injury, she communicated with those around her and was truly a ray of sunshine.

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