BIGHIT MUSIC announces BTS Jhope’s enlistment plan. Hobi live Weverse to inform Army.

On February 26, BIGHIT MUSIC announced that BTS member J-Hope will be joining the military soon following Jin, and he has already started the process of his enlistment.

Needless to say, fans were completely unprepared for the news, and started sharing their sadness on social media, which ended up trending keywords like “take me instead” and “J-Hope we will wait for you” trending on Twitter.

While fans are still trying to make peace with the news, Jin left a comment under an old post of J-Hope’s, saying, “Welcome” to J-Hope. He soon replied, thanking Jin for calling and wishing him a good weekend.

The wholesome exchange soon turned into a hilarious teasing game when Jin replied, “If by chance we meet, don’t make eye contact because I’m a private and you’re a trainee LOL.” J-Hope played along and responded with a saluting emoticon.

Jin returned to play his army-senior card again and told J-Hope to salute the right way. “You have to maintain a straight line between your wrist and forearm at 45 degrees from the ground, and your upper arm has to remain between 30 to 45 degrees,” he wrote in the comments. J-Hope couldn’t help expressing his awe at Jin’s strictness as an instructor!

Hobi live Weverse to inform Army.


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