Becky G shared that she invited Hobi to the carne asada at Coachella but for some reason Hobi could not attend.

BECKY G had a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine

I also invited j-hope to carne asada but unfortunately he couldn’t be here for obvious reasons. That is really a pity. But he is one of the invited guests. I also ran into Snoop Dogg the other day, and the same thing was that he couldn’t come for some reason. Everyone is invited to the carne asada.

carne asada: A barbecue party that Mexicans often organize on the weekend. It’s like an intimate gathering. In Mexican, “carne” means meat and “asada” means grilled. Those invited to carne asada are people who are extremely close to the host family.

But the carne asada here is how Becky G likens his Coachella performance to an intimate carne asada party. Artists invited to perform are considered close family members. That means Becky G treats the hobi as a relative.

BTS Hobi Live Weverse:

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