ARMY’s reaction to Pdogg’s statement about BTS jimin’s explosion.

BTS‘s Jimin is preparing for his upcoming solo debut and has been slowly giving ARMYs a taste of what to expect from his album FACE through concept photos, promotional schedules, and video teasers.

Jimin has kept fans captivated with his duality and insane talent through what’s been released so far, and BTS’s frequent producer recently increased the excitement among fans with a promise made on his Instagram story.

Acclaimed producer Pdogg has been at BTS’s side since before their debut, having helped discover leader RM after rapper Sleepy showed him his music.

Pdogg has been a constant figure in BIGHIT MUSIC (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) since 2007, and has been described by BTS members as the “eighth member” of the group.

Along with the members’ creative input and production and composition talents, Pdogg has helped shape BTS’s unique and globally recognized sound,

…I wish that many people will know Pdogg’s name because as artists who perform and sing on stage, Pdogg has contributed the most to this. He is the root of BTS’s music as he has helped in finding the direction for most our title tracks and we hope that everyone will know this.

— BTS’s RM

I had seen many artists before getting to know BTS, but I had not seen an act that really loves music this much. Every single member has a passion for music and they really work hard. Even I get motivated a lot by the group as it shows ceaseless efforts and makes great outputs.

— Pdogg

As someone who has known the members for 10+ years and as an awarded songwriter, composer, and producer, fans know he means business when he says an artist is coming to shake up the industry.

Pdogg caught attention with his recent Instagram story, in which he declared that Jimin’s solo debut would do just that.

“Park Jimin has completed establishing order for K-Pop 2023

— Pdogg”

The declaration, which can also be interpreted as 2023 K-Pop is about to be ended by Jimin, set fire to ARMY Twitter as fans couldn’t contain their excitement over the promise of the greatness of Jimin’s solo debut.

ARMYs shared that they are confident that Jimin did not come to play with his upcoming solo debut.

The official music video for the pre-release track comes out on March 17 at 1PM KST.

BTS Jimin live Weverse:

BTS Jimin On Weverse「FACE」:

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