After BTS RM it’s EXO’s Baekhyun who gets annoyed at being bothered.

EXO‘s Baekhyun expressed he wished sasaeng fans would not show up during his day.

On March 1, Baekhyun took some time to talk to his fans on the fan community platform Bubble. He expressed, “Vocal lessons are over!!! But right in front of the place I take vocal lessons. T.T I wish they wouldn’t come,” referring to sasaeng fans.

Baekhyun later added, “I want to take the lesson and escape like a martial artist, but it always feels like I’m getting caught working hard,” hinting at his discomfort.

This isn’t the first time the EXO member has hinted about his discomfort when it comes to fans who invade his privacy. During a live stream, fans kept calling Baekhyun’s phone, and he commented, “They keep calling. I don’t know how they get my phone number.”

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