11 moments from BTS concerts that fans should not miss during their tours.

BTS members are known to be incredible performers and entertainers, making their concerts some of the most fun to attend in the industry. With stops all over the world, they have created some pretty iconic moments when touring. Here are some that make us miss the thrill of being in the audience next to thousands of fans, while BTS are tearing the stage up.

1. “Borahae”

V first revealed the meaning of the color purple during a concert! This moment changed the word “purple” for ARMYs all over the world, and even became the cutest catchphrase to express love to someone.

2. J-Hope’s “Baepsae” moves

All we can say is a lot of fans near the barricade were left speechless!

3. “Armybombs Down”

This moment of Jungkook cutely asking RM to tell the crowd to put their lightsticks down made everyone erupt in aw-s.

4. “Taechwita”

V’s cover of Agust D‘s “Daechwita” shocked fans, not only due to his surprisingly amazing rap skills but also because of the very realistic beard V had on.

5. “J-hope! J-Hope! J-Hope!”

J-Hope taking his in-ears off to hear ARMYs chant his name even louder and the most adorable smile afterward definitely make us miss being able to make the boys happy through our cheers.

6. “Young Forever” at Wembley Stadium

Perhaps the most goosebumps and tear-inducing moment on this list, ARMYs singing “Young Forever” to BTS as a surprise during their iconic Wembley Stadium show made us all tear up alongside the members.

7. “Anpanman”

Among the sexy and powerful performances, “Anpanman” was also one of the fan-favorite songs at BTS concerts. Fans contribute its popularity to the happiness the song excudes, with the members all smiling widely and jumping around when singing.

8. Jimin opening the door to V’s heart.

Yup, you read that right!

9. The Iconic “Shoot Dance”

Jungkook started a little trend of making his members do the then-viral “Shoot Dance” during RM’s rap in “So What.”

10. “Seesaw”

Every time SUGA performs “Seesaw” is special, but the first time he performed it on tour the stage was so iconic it went crazy viral!

11. Goodbye Fireworks

Ending the list with a bittersweet moment, ARMYs appreciate the fireworks at the end of BTS’s concerts as much as their actual performances.

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