Singer Hong Jin Young officially spoke up about the rumors of an affair with another singer’s husband.

Singer Hong Jin Young responded to rumors alleging she was having an affair with Do Kyung Wan, who is married to fellow singer Jang Yoon Jeong.

On March 23, Hong Jin Young seemingly addressed rumors alleging she was dating the husband of singer Jang Yoon Jeong. In an Instagram post, the singer wrote that she was completely single.

I am completely SOL!!LO!!! #JustSaying #InCaseThereWerePeopleWondering ^^.

— @sambahong/Instagram

The post seems to be in response to unfounded rumors being spread through YouTube channels alleging that Hong Jin Young was dating Do Kyung Wan, who is married to the singer’s close colleague, Jang Yoon Jeong.

This is apparent by her response to a fan who assured her that they knew better than to believe the rumors peddled by a YouTube channel.

  • Fan: “Don’t worry, believe it or not, we are able to decipher between real news and fake news. Anyways, I’m jealous of you. Hope you have fun.”
  • Hong Jin Young: “Aw ㅜㅜ Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Jang Yoon Jung and Do Kyung Wan have responded to the rumors stating that it was “Completely false.” According to reports, celebrities have been suffering from a fresh wave of fake news spread online by YouTube channels. Unfortunately, the accounts were made on foreign servers, and therefore, it is difficult for Korean authorities to take action.

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