Pastor’s shocking statement saying that the public spends time on BLACKPINK instead of Jesus.

Earlier this month, BLACKPINK performed two shows in Kaohsiung as part of their BORN PINK world tour. Like the other stops, tickets sold out immediately after they went on sale, proving BLACKPINK’s worldwide popularity.

Although the shows finished without a hitch, netizens engaged in heated debates as controversial social media posts related to BLACKPINK appeared online. Earlier, Live Nation Taiwan was called out for its disrespectful Instagram story.

The Instagram story showed BLACKPINK’s plane just as it was taking off from Kaohsiung, along with the caption,

Walk yourself out
As if it’s your last.

– Live Nation Taiwan

Besides the controversial Instagram story from Live Nation Taiwan, a pastor also gained attention for his Facebook post. In the post, Pastor Wayne compared stanning BLACKPINK to understanding Jesus.

40,000 tickets sold out in a second. Everyone traveled and stood in line, then screamed for 3 hours. ‘It’s worth it!’

Gatherings right by your home with no line-up, 90 minutes. ‘It takes up too much time!’

It’s a world I don’t understand. People are willing to pay $4,400 TWD (about $145 USD), and even up to $100,000 TWD (about $3,300 USD) for a scalped ticket, to see four people who will never know who you are.

People aren’t willing to get to know a best friend who died for you on the cross. Black red.

Remember to come and see Jesus during Easter.

– Pastor Wayne

The post immediately went viral and attracted thousands of netizen comments, prompting Pastor Wayne to add a clarification.

To add:

I just think that many people are willing to pay a price, but there must be value in return. I think there’s value in Jesus, but is it possible that our modern churches are not living up to the value of Jesus?

It’s not an issue with BLACKPINK. It’s not an issue with Jesus. It’s an issue with modern churches.

Let’s work hard.

– Pastor Wayne

Despite the clarification, many netizens did not agree with his point of view.

After seeing netizens’ comments, Pastor Wayne followed up with a second Facebook post to further explain his views.

I saw so many comments upon waking up! Let me respond.

I agree with everyone’s views! When there’s value, people will take time to prove this. Everyone feels the need to protect what they love, to protect things that have value to them.

Protecting what’s valuable is what I wanted to convey in my previous post. I still can’t understand the value of a $100,000 TWD scalped ticket. I’m self-reflecting.

As for BLACKPINK, I think they’re really talented. I’m very old-school, so I like U2 and [Hong Kong veteran singer] Andy Lau (I might spend $100,000 TWD on a scalped ticket for Andy Lau.)

Continue to fight for what’s valuable to you, everyone!

– Pastor Wayne

However, netizens were not pleased by Pastor Wayne’s response and continued to leave opposing comments on his Facebook.

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