Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram photos are confirmed by Mega Coffee not to be taken at their store.

Mega Coffee is claiming Kim Sae Ron never worked for their company.

In reports on March 11, Mega Coffee told media outlets the actress was never employed at any of their chain locations. A rep from the company stated, “We can confirm Kim Sae Ron never worked as an official part-time employee at any store in the country. The store owner of the location in question has a part-time employee who is friends with Kim Sae Ron. However, the owner has said Kim Sae Ron has never worked as an employee there.”

Mega Coffee continued to state Kim Sae Ron’s friend quit working at the location in question in September of 2022, and they’re not aware of how the photos were taken, adding, “The photos taken in a dark kitchen are not of our store. Our stores don’t have a separate baking kitchen.”

Kim Sae Ron posted photos of herself working at a coffee store that appeared to be a Mega Coffee location on her Instagram story in the morning of March 11.

As previously reported, the actress’ label claimed she was working part-time at a cafe due to financial difficulties following her DUI controversy. However, netizens are bringing up discrepancies as she’s said to have hired one of the most expensive attorneys in South Korea for her first trial.

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