Information about actress Kim Sae Ron working at a bar in Gangnam.

An alleged eyewitness has come forward to claim that they saw actress Kim Sae Ron work at a bar in Gangnam.

According to an article by The Fact, the media outlet reported that it had received a tip stating that someone had witnessed Kim Sae Ron working at a bar in Gangnam last month.

The eyewitness’s tip alleged that an acquaintance of Kim Sae Ron ran the bar and that Kim Sae Ron was a hard worker. The eyewitness, however, fails to mention how long the actress has been working at the bar.

She worked very diligently and skillfully. She was very kind to the customers.

— Alleged eyewitness

Meanwhile, the actress claimed she was facing financial hardship during her trial for her DUI accident. At the time, Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer also claimed that the actress’s family had also been affected.

Kim Sae Ron is her family’s breadwinner, and her family is also facing financial hardship after the incident.

— Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer

Kim Sae Ron’s claims of financial hardship have been met with skepticism, however, due to an incident in which the actress was found to have lied about her working at a coffee store.

Recently, Kim Sae Ron uploaded several photos of herself working at a cafe. Controversy struck, however, when the coffee chain pictured released a statement that the actress had never worked for them.

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