Cosmic Girls fans are expressing their anger towards the girl group’s agency. Controversy from the group’s 7th anniversary celebration.

On March 1, a post with the title ‘The idol group that didn’t do anything for their 7th-anniversary and causing fans frustration’ was created on an online community. On the post, a fan of Cosmic Girls expressed their anger, sharing that Cosmic Girls’ agency didn’t do anything for the girl group’s 7th anniversary and only posted a photo.

Translation: “Hello Ujung. Today is our 7th anniversary. There were so many moments we spent together for the 7 years. I think I grew up a lot while spending time with our Ujungs! I received a lot of love, and I worked diligently because I wanted to repay that love. I think I said this many times, but I think becoming Cosmic Girls and meeting Ujungs was the biggest gift in my life. Thank you for being my strength and driving force. I love you a lot.”

Other fans also expressed their frustrations as there have not been any updates on the girl group’s contract renewal despite their 7th-anniversary passing. They commented, “The agency is not inconsiderate of the fans,” “This is so frustrating,” “The fans are getting so frustrated,” and “They skipped the 7th-anniversary celebration content and didn’t even talk about the contract renewal.”

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