Controversial when British K-Pop group “KAACHI” officially disbanded.

Just yesterday, we wrote an update on where the members of controversial “British K-Pop group” KAACHI are now.

The self-proclaimed K-Pop group debuted in April 2020 under FrontRow Records, produced by Monica Lee, with the song “Your Turn”. From the beginning of their career, they were highly controversial due to alleged lack of training, cultural appropriation, and other accusations. Given that they only had one Korean member, many wondered why they tried to brand themselves as a K-Pop group.

While they debuted with four members — NicoleChunseoDani, and Coco — it was less than a year later that Dani announced her departure from the group in July 2021. They continued to release a couple more singles through October that same year, then went seemingly on an indefinite hiatus.

In September 2022, it was announced that Coco would also leave the group and promote as a solo artist, leaving just Nicole and Chunseo as the only remaining members. And given that KAACHI hadn’t updated their social media accounts since September 2022, fans were concerned for the future of the group.

On February 28, their fears were confirmed with their label, FrontRow Records, releasing a statement that KAACHI would be disbanding with Nicole and Chunseo’s decision to leave the company. They will, however, be appearing in a documentary they participated in that will be released this May.

Despite their overall controversial status as a K-Pop group, the comments from people on the Instagram post are mostly expressing sadness to see them disband, as well as positive support for the members in their future endeavors.

And it seems like a project is in the works already. Nicole made an announcement on her own personal Instagram that she and Chunseo (now seemingly going by the name Ruth) as well as former KAACHI member Coco will be working together to release music as the independent group ATTI.

Nothing has been posted on the ATTI Instagram page yet, but it will be interesting to see what the girls have in store for their fans.

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