BTS RM has been violated by Korail Railway Group staff for a long time. His reaction made the fans often.

BTS‘s RM is reacting to the news of a KORAIL abusing their power to invade his privacy.

For context, KORAIL is the Korea Railroad Corporation, South Korea’s national railway operator. It is actually managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation.

Recently, SBS exclusively reported that KORAIL employee “A,” who worked in the IT department, was found guilty of searching for BTS RM’s personal information in the company’s passenger database during an internal audit. This included not only his personal ticket numbers purchased but even his personal phone number and address connected to his account used to register on KORAIL’s website.

I simply looked at it because I was curious. I am reflecting on my mistakes.

— KORAIL employee “A”

Employee “A” has been doing this since as early as 2019, and it continued on for as long as into 2021. Reportedly, they looked up RM’s personal information a total of 18 times over these three years.

Obtaining RM’s information could also allow not only Employee “A” but their friends to know where he would be so they could meet him or at least sit nearby. Yet, an acquaintance who was informed about RM’s destination reported Employee “A” for suspiciousness.

RM reposted an article revealing that the KORAIL employee invaded his privacy via Instagram Stories. He simply added text, representing 😅.

We can only imagine what RM must be feeling now, knowing how horribly his privacy was invaded. No one should have to worry about such a thing, especially when traveling. But unfortunately, this is not the first time a “trusted” party recently violated RM’s privacy. Previously, RM reacted to news of Hwaeomsa Temple in Mount Jirisan’s chief monk speaking to media outlets about the BTS leader’s personal affairs.

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