Baseball player Seo Jun Won’s sex scandal with a minor must be punished.

Korean baseball player Seo Jun Won has been kicked off the Lotte Giants after it was revealed he is under investigation for committing sex crimes against a minor.

On March 23, Korean sports fans were shocked when it was revealed that Lotte Giants pitcher Seo Jun Won was being investigated for committing sex crimes against a minor. Authorities are withholding the exact crimes the player is alleged to have committed.

According to the news outlet Yonhap News, the player was recently investigated without detainment for his alleged crimes. Police then referred the case to the prosecution’s office, which then assigned it to the Women’s And Children’s Crime Investigation Department, which is currently investigating the player.

It was later reported that the player had been kicked off the Lotte Giants.

” The Lotte Giants have kicked out pitcher Seo Jun Won.

The team held a disciplinary committee on March 23 after confirming that Seo Jun Won had been investigated by the police for crimes against a minor. The team has decided to implement its most severe punishment regardless of the result of the prosecutor’s investigation.

— Kim Tae Woo (Reporter for SPOTV)”

Below is an apology from the Lotte Giants.

The Lotte Giants would like to apologize for the disgraceful incident caused by one of our players. It is unforgivable for a player who is supported by fans to commit a crime against a minor. This act was especially heinous as it was committed against children who look up to the players and dream of becoming one. This incident has hurt so many people. We acknowledge the fact that we didn’t manage our players properly and would like to apologize once again for causing controversy in society. The team will work to prevent this from happening again by routinely educating our players on sexual violence and sexual education.

We would like to apologize once again to all of the fans who love and support the Lotte Giants

— Lotte Giants


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