Bang Si Hyuk candidly shared about his relationship with HYBE artists. He is definitely the one closest to BTS, acting like a father figure.

Recently, HYBE‘s founder and chairperson, Bang Si Hyuk, sat down for an interview with CNN, where he talked about the future of his label, discussed the K-Pop industry’s growth, and even talked about his role in HYBE.

Bang Si Hyuk founded Big Hit Entertainment, the label that managed BTS for years. While BTS were growing as artists, Bang, who is best known as “Bang PD,” supported the group not only as a CEO but also as a producer. As the group got bigger, the label spread its operations wider. It started acquiring sub-labels (like Source Music and PLEDIS) while setting up new subsidiaries (like BELIFT LAB and ADOR). As the label grew bigger, HYBE became the parent company, and Big Hit Entertainment changed into BIGHIT MUSIC, an independent label under HYBE. After things got in motion, Bang Si Hyuk stepped down as the CEO of HYBE but remained the label’s chairman.

Now, Bang PD is back to focusing on music production and works with different HYBE artists in that capacity. But after going through so many stages of evolution, what type of a dynamic does he share with the artists of his label? And is it all the same for everyone?

When CNN’s Richard Quest asked Bang PD, “How do you see your role to the artists?” he replied that his role varies with each artist in the label. He is definitely the closest to BTS, playing multiple roles in their lives, from a father figure to a friend.

For other HYBE artists, his relationship is not as close because he respects the autonomy of the sub-labels and usually only interacts with their producers, managers, or mentors. Some artists see him as their producer, while others might know him as the chairman.

Richard Quest: Are you a father figure, a big brother, a mentor…are you a prducer, are you a best friend? Are you all the above?

Bang Si Hyuk: To BTS, I think it’s all the above. I don’t think they’ll be surprised to hear my answer.

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